We pulled into the gas station at the same time and stopped on opposite sides of the same island. I got out of my compact Nissan truck and he got out of his big Chevy. We started pumping our gas silently, securely wrapped in our own personal spaces. He was a big man…probably 6’4″ with a long thick beard and just generally scary looking. Not in a specific way, just kind of overall. He wore a flannel shirt under overalls with one strap hanging down. He looked like he worked outside and that his truck was a work truck.
After a few moments he said, “Hey.” His voice was unusually deep and gravelly. I cringed inside and thought, “Here it comes.”
“Is it a great day or what?”, he asked, flashing me a big smile. It was clearly not the question my little brain was expecting.
“Yes it is…it surely is.” I replied, feeling like a big dope. Sometimes good things just smack you in the head.