Every once in a while an ukulele takes on a special significance as it makes it’s way through the shop. This particular mango 5-string is one of those. I started this ukulele one year before my Dad died just as he started a steep decline that would eventually lead to his death. I just finished it today and Dad has already been gone one year. Yes, this ukulele has been in the shop for two years. A number of other ukuleles have been completed in the interim but this one lingered. I think it became a sort of therapy or even catharsis for me as I came to terms with a significantly different world. It was simply a matter of timing.  

Now I am reaching another milestone in the process and coincidently, or perhaps because of that, I’ve finally completed this ukulele. This milestone will be a liberation of sorts and this ukulele has special meaning without a doubt, but at the same time I’m more than ready to put it out in the world. It’s spoken for and will be shipped out shortly. I’m just making the final adjustments and letting the strings settle down a bit. Then I’ll move it out and it will become part of the substance of the world.

Smile when you play that.