Breeze is the newest our new FatBottom Archtops. We’ve shortened the body to under 12 inches and fattened up the lower bout to a full 9″. This has increased our volume and decreased the overall length. We’ve gone to a zero fret and reduced the size of our heel plate. The overall result is a more compact instrument with a lighter elegant look that has a bigger voice so it can be played acoustically as well as amplified. Enjoy!

Iriguchi Ukuleles - Breeze

Breeze’ lower bout is 9″ in diameter but just 2″ deep


The back ans sides are carved from a single block of Mahogany which makes it extremely rigid


Breeze uses side dot fret markers so the fretboard has a nice clean look


In this side view you can see the arched top and back as well as the cantilevered fretboard


InThis view from the neck shows the Maple floating bridge. It is not attached to the soundboard


A little Rosewood accent adds strength to the neck joint and anchors the strap button


Our new thinned down heel plate is much smaller than previous models


Beautiful Mahogany…simple, understated, elegant.


The semi-hollow construction on the back and sides allows us to sculpt the body in ways bent wood just can’t match


Breeze is equipped with a K&K Sound Twin Spot pickup


That “Fat” lower bout increases the volume of our archtops significantly


The view in one of the modified F-holes. You can tell this is Breeze because it says so right there.


We found that our archtops require significant compensation. The Bridge has a fretwire running along its top.


Breeze uses a golden zero fret and a buffalo horn nut


A gentle volute tops the neck and because of the zero fret the nut is very low





Type: FatBottom™, acoustic/electric
Size: Tenor
Body: Mahogany
Soundboard: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany – medium rounded profile
Scale length: 17″
Total # frets: 20
Frets to the body: 14

Special Features:

Semi-hollow, all Mahogany construction
Includes K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup