“Soni” was built in response to several inquiries we had at the recent Wine Country Ukulele Festival in Napa, California. At Napa we had several people ask if we had any left-handed ukuleles. Unfortunately we didn’t. So now we do and her name is Soni. Soni gets her name from another Olympic swimmer since we were planning these as we watched the Summer Games from London. She’s an electric concert, with a K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup installed. Ukulele “Soni” has a ancient Kauri soundboard which is dated to be 25,000-50,000 years old.

“What makes her left-handed?” you might ask. Well several things actually. The slots in the nut (at the end of the fretboard near the head) are cut specifically for the diameters of the individual strings. Since “Soni” uses re-entrant tuning the #3 string is the largest so that slot is the biggest. The spacing between the slots has to be adjusted so the strings are all spaced the same despite being different diameters. Also the shape of the soundhole is ‘lefty’. And finally the fret-markers on the side of the fretboard are on the right side so a left-handed player can see them.


Type: Keystone™, acoustic/electric
Size: Standard Concert
Body: Poplar
Soundboard: Dark Ancient Kauri
Neck: Sapele – medium rounded profile
Scale length: 15″
Total # frets: 16
Frets to the body: 12

Special Features:

Includes K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup
Special ‘wobbly’ soundhole
Dual Sideports


By the way our next lefty is already underway in case “Soni” leaves right away.
Smile when you play that!