“California” has our full-depth Keystone tenor body and a 16.8 inch scale. This is currently the largest ukulele we make and it’s also our most popular. The full-depth body gives her a big voice and there’s plenty of room for bigger hands to play on the fretboard. She’s also electric, with a K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup installed.


  • Type: Keystone™, acoustic/electric
  • Size: Standard tenor
  • Body: Poplar
  • Soundboard: Ancient Kauri wood
  • Neck: Maple – medium rounded profile
  • Scale length: 16.8″
  • Total # frets: 18
  • Frets to the body: 14

Special Features:

  • Includes K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup
  • Ancient mammoth Kauri wood soundboard
  • Special ‘wobbly’ soundhole
  • Sideport



Ukulele California is a tenor size version of ukulele Akinori. She uses the same 50,000-year old golden Kauri wood for her sound board.

California’s Rosewood neck accent is shaped to match her ‘wobbly’ sound hole.

Ukulele California also has a sound port and her fretboard follows the shape of her ‘wobbly’ sound hole.

Our tuning machines are 2.25 inches above the nut so your fret hand does not contact them.

Acoustic tenor ukulele “California”.




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