“Renata” is a semi-hollow, flat-top, soprano in our FatBottom™ shape. Her back and sides are carved from a single billet of quartersawn curly Maple and the sound board is re-claimed 50,000 year old Mammoth Kauri. Enjoy!


  • Type: Semi-hollow HardBody™ acoustic
  • Size: Standard soprano
  • Body: Semi-Hollow Curly Maple
  • Soundboard: Ancient Kauri wood
  • Neck: Mahogany – medium rounded profile
  • Scale length: 14″
  • Total # frets: 18
  • Frets to the body: 13

Special Features:

  • Hand-carved, sculpted body is exceptionally compfortable to hold and play
  • Ancient mammoth Kauri wood soundboard


Ukulele Renata is a FatBottom soprano. Her lower bout is a full 7 inches wide.

Because the lower bout is so “fat”, the upper bout is slightly shortened. Still the overall length of the body is 10 inches. Somewhat long for a soprano, but it gives the instrument wonderful balance.

Ukulele Renata’s body is 2″ deep and slightly wedge-shaped. This shape is a modified Manzer wedge and it serves to rotate the fretboard slightly up when you play so you can see it better.

As with all our FatBottoms, Renata’s back is nothing but smooth curves, like a butt-print in the sand.

The sides actually curve in before they meet the sound board

Renata’s sound board is ancient Mammoth Kauri wood from northern New Zealand. It gives a simple and traditional look to a decidedly non-traditional ukulele.


Here are some more images of Renata’s curves…

Ukulele Renata!


Smile when you play that!™