Dominator’s site is well known for it’s big and growing library of ukulele tabs, MP3s, tutorials and more.  You can see his tabs and in most cases he has an MP3 with it so you can play along. Dominator is a terrific player and is a Finalist in the CAAM Ukulelestar Contest – Open for Jake Shimabukuro. You can get more info about the contest and vote for Dominator.

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He describes himself thusly:

A little about me: Primarily a self taught guitarist, pursuing the ukulele for approximately six years, I have spent the last couple of years concentrating on the ukulele. Not being able to find tablature for the ukulele in the same quality and format as was (and still is) available for the guitar is the motivation behind this site. Since books containing ukulele tab were not available, I decided I would try to transcribe the songs myself and make them available for others to learn from as well.

Being self-taught, I know very little about music theory. I know enough about the Modes that I can improvise and construct solos, for guitar, without any major issues. I find tablature much more suitable for me than learning to read notes on the musical staff. Therefore, the tabs presented on this site may have errors regarding correct key signatures, time signatures and notes that may be written in the wrong octave etc. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for those who choose to read the musical staff and prefer not to use the tablature staff when learning a particular song. If I could, I would eliminate the music staff all together but my transcribing software does not currently support that function. This is why I always recommend listening to the original recording, or in some cases my recorded mp3, to get the timing and feel for the song. By doing so and placing your fingers on the fret board as indicated in the TAB you will be well on your way to playing the songs listed on this site. As always, I will do the best I can to answer any questions you may have. So, choose your favorite songs and strum, strum away.