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A liberation of sorts…

A liberation of sorts…

Every once in a while an ukulele takes on a special significance as it makes it's way through the shop. This particular mango 5-string is one of those. I started this ukulele one year before my Dad died just as he started a steep decline that would eventually lead to...

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

This story is part of our ongoing series about what makes our luthier Dave, tick. I used to ride motorcycles in my youth. It would have been back in the early to mid-70s. I really enjoyed it. It seems like a weird thing to be getting back into, especially...

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I didn’t think “someday” would come so soon

I didn’t think “someday” would come so soon

This story is part of our ongoing series about what makes our luthier Dave, tick. I've always known in the back of my mind that someday I would stop racing bicycles. It wasn't an actual day, it was just a pragmatic notion that the day would eventually come. I'm...

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The Happy Ukulele

Ukuleles make people happy. They do. Walk into a room with an ukulele and people smile. They gravitate toward you and some will even want to talk to you. Imagine that…a stranger wanting to chat. It happens. They might ask you questions or tell you a story about someone they know who has one. And if you happen to encounter someone else who plays an ukulele, for goodness sake, you’re like long lost friends reunited. Here at the Happy Ukulele we want to capture the magic that ukuleles quite clearly possess.

The Happy Ukulele is a world view. It embodies what the world has the potential to be. All of the artificial categories that usually separate us, like race, creed, nationality, gender, etc., disappear when everyone has an ukulele. We become simply, ukulele players. Music is the universal language.

The ukulele is not just a happy musical instrument. While it most certainly is that, it’s also a happy philosophy, a happy way of living, a happy view of the world. It’s what the world needs now.

The Happy Ukulele.

With that in mind, we’ll be showcasing our handbuilt, custom ukuleles. We’ll link to videos of musicians we dig and post other other elements that align with our perspective on our blog.

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The Happy Ukulele…yep, that’s us. It’s our custom shop.

Cutting edge ukuleles designed and built in Carmichael, California. Each one is unique and we try to build as green as we can.
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Established in 2009

We built our first ukulele in June 2009. It’s been an intriguing journey ever since.

Building Green

We don’t use many exotic woods, both for cost and environmental reasons. We figure if we can get good tone from simple woods and leave the exotic trees growing, so much the better.

Fearless Design

Our designs are limited only by our imagination. As long as we get good sound we’ll try anything!