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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

This story is part of our ongoing series about what makes our luthier Dave, tick. I used to ride motorcycles in my youth. It would have been back in the early to mid-70s. I really enjoyed it. It seems like a weird thing to be getting back into, especially...

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I didn’t think “someday” would come so soon

I didn’t think “someday” would come so soon

This story is part of our ongoing series about what makes our luthier Dave, tick. I've always known in the back of my mind that someday I would stop racing bicycles. It wasn't an actual day, it was just a pragmatic notion that the day would eventually come. I'm...

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We’re working to re-open our t-shirt shop

We’re working to re-open our t-shirt shop

Our print-on-demand shirt shop closed up a while back and we've finally decided on a new vendor. We're going with Zazzle now and we're working on developing a new set of t-shirts. We'll revive some of our old designs and also develop some new designs as well.

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The Happy Ukulele

The Happy Ukulele is the companion website to, which is our custom ukulele shop. Here at The Happy Ukulele, we’ll be showcasing our latest ukulele designs and instruments, posting videos of ukulele players we dig and spreading the word about the happiest instrument on Earth.

Festival Schedule

This is where we’ll post all of our upcoming festival appearances.








Iriguchi Ukuleles…yep, that’s us. It’s our custom shop.

Cutting edge ukuleles designed and built in Carmichael, California. Each one is unique and we try to build as green as we can.
Click on the ukulele below to go to our website at

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Established in 2009

We built our first ukulele in June 2009. It’s been an intriguing journey. I credit my Dad for starting me down this path. Mahalo Pop!

Building Green

We don’t use many exotic woods, both for cost and environmental reasons. We figure if we can get good tone from simple woods and leave the exotic trees growing, so much the better.

Fearless Design

Our designs are limited only by our imagination. As long as we get good sound we’ll try anything!

Ukuleles are fun.

They are.

So what are you waiting for?

Go try one.

You might not be aware of it, but it’s very likely that someone you know plays the ukulele. A friend, a family-member, a co-worker… someone. And if you find them, I assure you, they will be more than happy to include you. Just ask around. And if by some strange happenstance you don’t know someone who plays ukulele (trust me, you do), just Google “ukulele players group” and you’ll find lots of them, probably right in your neighborhood.

Here are some good search suggestions: ukulele players group, ukulele store and Iriguchi Ukuleles.
Wait, what was that last one?

Brudduh Jion at the 2014 Wine Country Ukulele Festival

You never know… that curious barista at the coffee shop with the tattooed arms and wild hair just might to be able to shred on an ukulele. This barista is our bruddah Jion Jugo, and yeah, he shreds.